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March 21, 2018, 11:35:11 AM by gash
Views: 80 | Comments: 0

METAL DETECTING: Man discovers treasure chest in middle of the woods – Who says Metal Detectings not Romantic ?

The clip shows the bloke using his metal detector to locate something hidden deep under the ground.

As he digs down, the pair realise it is bigger than they originally thought.

After some careful plying away, they eventually uncover a large, aged box.

The man rubs away some of the dirt from the face of the chest, and his wife quickly realises it reveals the word “proverbs 18 22”.

March 21, 2018, 11:05:56 AM by gash
Views: 31 | Comments: 0

No doubting it is getting tougher and tougher to gain permission nowadays.

The popularity of Metal Detecting and the rise of the big ‘pay to play’ groups that offer huge cash incentives to Landowners but restrict access to the ‘independent’ Detectorist and the fact that illegal detecting ‘nighthawking’ has shed the hobby in a negative light to many Landowners have all contributed to making land tough to get.

So what do we do ? All head to the beach to find bottle tops ?

No, we just need to get better at researching and asking for land. We need to know the best tools available to us and the best way to approach Landowners.

Kris of ‘addicted to bleeps’ has made an excellent video of how He approaches gaining permission and I have included that video below.

The main thing , I would say is be honest , be yourself – Many Farmers have an inbuilt ‘Bulls**t’ radar.  But in My experience Farmers are a far cry from the shotgun carrying stereotype pictured above and are some of the nicest people I have met, Yes, They can initially be a little suspicious and guarded > But who can blame them ? Would you let a stranger wander around in your back garden ? Talk to them , Let them know who you are , what you do and of your love of history, show them some finds. Let them know you are insured and show them your NCMD card.

Ask early , before 4pm. Farmers start early and work hard – so don’t interrupt dinner or a well earned evening glass of Whiskey.

In addition to the big farms , look for small holdings,  Old houses with big gardens, Garden Centres with a bit of land , Old pub gardens – anywhere that may have been overlooked or dismissed as too small by the big groups.

Another good way , especially if you are starting out is simply to ask on your facebook , just ask the question ‘Do any of My friends here have any land they would let me Detect ?, any of you keep horses ? anyone curious as to what may be in the ground of your back garden ? ‘

Be confident , be prepared to take a few knock backs but keep on trying > Remember , just one ‘yes’ could see you good for years !!

Oh, and when you do get land , try not to add to the problem by hoarding it all to yourself , I’m not saying let every Tom, Dick and Harry on but throw out a few invites to fellow Detectorists . They may well return the favour.  Good luck and Happy Hunting.
March 11, 2018, 12:38:14 PM by gash
Views: 128 | Comments: 0

A thief gets away with a shovel and metal detector after robbing a Denison man at gunpoint.

Ryan Crowley from Denison has been metal detecting and collecting silver as a hobby for several years now.

Thursday, he expected it to be a typical day out metal detecting, but he says things quickly went south.

“I was out metal detecting, doing my thing, finding all this silver and stuff when a dude came up and robbed me at gun point man.”

Crowley says he was caught off guard when a man he had never seen before approached him Thursday evening near Perry Avenue and Elm Street in Denison.

“He kept asking where’s the coins, where’s the coins. Usually I have a gun on me but not when I metal detect.”
Crowley describes the suspect as an African American man, about 6’1″ tall, driving a white sedan.

And says he was only after two things: his metal detector and his shovel.

“Shook me down, grabbed my metal detector and said, ‘I’m taking this, I’m taking this.’ And I said, ‘You aren’t taking my metal detector.’ That’s when he come out at me with a gun.”

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